The Different Types of Boxing Floor to Ceiling Ball

The Different Types of Boxing Floor to Ceiling Ball

There are several different types of boxing floor-to-ceiling balls available. These balls move in different directions depending on the punches that are thrown at it. You can choose one that moves up and down, or one that moves in an arc. In either case, you will enjoy the variety of motions that you can enjoy during your workout.

Banana bags

Heavy bags can be a great tool for training, especially for people who are training Muay Thai. Traditional heavy bags are cylindrical and around 100-120 cm long. A banana bag is the same shape but is double the length, which allows the boxer to practice lower kicks and leg kicks. A banana bag is also easy to move around, so it can fill in training gaps where a traditional heavy bag is inconvenient.

Banana bags for boxing are the most versatile punching bags available and can be used by practitioners of many different striking disciplines. You can practice both low and high attacks, and you can also use this bag for practicing level-changing combinations. These bags are made of a durable outer shell and can take a lot of abuse, so you can use them both for at-home and commercial training.

Banana bags are much longer than regular bags and are often thinner. The length and thinner material make them ideal for low kicks, and the bouncing action of a speedbag is beneficial for improving hand-eye coordination. These bags can also be used to practice harder punches and kicks. They are also more compact than normal bags and can be hung from ceilings or the walls.

Pole bags are similar to banana bags, but are much thicker. The typical pole bag weighs about 140kg or 300 lb. Once filled, these bags can support the weight of several heavy punches. Over time, the filling will settle, and the bottom of the bag will be thicker than the top.

A standing bag is more convenient than a hanging bag, but you cannot hit it with the same force as a hanging bag. They are also more expensive, but offer portability. They are easy to mount, carry, and store. However, they may be more appropriate for general training rather than a specialized workout. They also have fewer varieties than hanging bags.

Mexican Fuerte

The Mexican Fuerte Boxing Floor to ceiling Ball is a great training tool that’s perfect for improving punching accuracy and tightening the boxing window. Its smaller size makes it perfect for practicing jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. Its punchslip technology eliminates the need for tools or heavy labour.

The 8-inch size of the Floor to Ceiling Ball allows for precise training and provides a balanced boxing action. The ball’s construction is made of full garment leather throughout and it’s reinforced with laminated panels. The ball also has hand-laced side panels for extra strength and durability. It also comes with a two-year commercial warranty.


The Boxing Floor to Ceiling Ball Butterfly is a great tool to add to your boxing gym or home gym. The 70mm diameter butterfly features 3 adjustable squeeze tabs and a premium target ball. The Butterfly is also equipped with Punchslip technology, which allows you to slide the ball up and down easily during training. This design eliminates the need for tools and heavy labour.

Cleto Reyes

The Cleto Reyes Boxing Floor to ceiling ball is made of durable latex foam and is an essential piece of boxing training equipment. Its unique design allows boxers to concentrate on their punching and coordination. The Cleto Reyes Boxing Floor to Ceiling Ball can be adjusted using two swivels and an elastic band.

It is made of top quality materials and can be purchased in various colours and sizes. You can use it for training regardless of your skill level. This durable training equipment has many benefits, including improving hand-eye coordination and agility. In addition, this ball is highly durable, allowing for frequent use and regular training.

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