The Different Types of Boxing Bag Workouts

The Different Types of Boxing Bag Workouts

If you want to improve your punching power and get into shape, you can try a boxing bag workout. You can either use a Body Opponent Bag or a Maize Bag. You can also get the Body Opponent Plus. The difference between these two types is that the former requires the user to punch a target. Both of them are effective, but each one has its own advantages.

Maize Bag

Unlike a traditional heavy bag, a maize bag is flexible and provides a variety of training options. Its round or tear-shaped shape allows boxers to practice punches, kicks and defensive maneuvers. A maize bag feels harder than other heavy bags but absorbs the impact much better. However, excessive training on a maize bag can cause damage to hands. Another option for heavy bag workouts is a hanging heavy bag. These are supported by a wall bracket or free standing support frame. These require a good amount of space to be placed on a wall.

The benefits of maize bags are similar to that of traditional punch bags, although they are smaller and not designed to be punched with great force. Using a maize bag to train your head and defend yourself against a punch is an excellent way to develop your defensive maneuvers. If you do not have access to a large bag, you can also use a maize ball if you have a ceiling-mounted gym.

Body Opponent

Body Opponent Boxing Bag workouts are a fun way to get fit without spending a lot of money. Unlike most other workouts, these are relatively safe, but there is a potential for injury. The focus of these workouts is stretching the arms and shoulders. Beginners should wear hand wraps or boxing gloves when they begin. They should also assume a fighting stance. They should also try to use the one-two-count to neutralize their opponents.

Body Opponent Bag workouts can help improve punching, striking, and cardio. They also enhance coordination and balance. Whether you’re training for kickboxing, kung fu, or MMA, the Body Opponent Bag can help you achieve your goal. This equipment is great for people of all skill levels, and is made in the USA or abroad.

When working on the hook punch, try to keep your body straight and avoid letting your arm flop. A good way to do this is to extend your back hip forward and swing your dominant arm across your body. Aim to keep the forearm parallel to the ground in front of your face. Do this for about 45 seconds, then rest for 15 seconds.

Body Opponent Plus

Body Opponent Plus boxing bag has a unique design and is molded to resemble a human body. The bag can be adjusted in height from 60 to 82 inches. It also features a torso that extends outward, making it ideal for practicing striking and sparring techniques.

It has high-tech computer vision and AI sensors that can predict oncoming punches and calculate the best dodge. The high-sensitivity sensors sense force, velocity and direction. The mechanism responds to each punch with lightning-fast speed. The user can get a world-class workout without breaking a sweat! The machine also tracks calories burnt and records workout sessions. This gives users a chance to track their progress and find out how long it takes to complete workouts.

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